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Seasonal Self - Winter

"A cool breeze in summer, snow in winter. If your mind isn't crowded with ten thousand things, this is the best season of your life.” Wu-Men

This is a follow up to my 'How to embrace winter' blog post about a month ago; I'm pleased to report I've been following my own advice as much as possible. As a result of accepting winter for what it is, slowing down and changing my narrative I'm enjoying the season more than ever.

So, it works! But. And there's always a but isn't there? But, something I have noticed is that the more connected to nature I become, the more affected I am by it. Have you ever felt this?

Yesterday, the sky was leaden with gloomy clouds and there was a bitter wind. My mind felt similar; I was low energy, my thoughts were all sweeping statements that unsettled and stirred up (thankfully I was able to observe them rather than act). Today however the sky is mostly blue and the wind now feels refreshing and energised. Is it the weather affecting my mind or my mind interpreting the weather differently? Possibly it's both. As I took a lunchtime walk in the park I remembered this quote and felt I understood it more fully than ever before:

Reflecting on the contrast between one day and the next reminded me (and I love the breakdown of that word - to re mind, to come back to your mind, to return to consciousness) of two important things:

- It is unwise to make permanent decisions based on very temporary feelings. Always at least sleep on it.

- There is a time for rest and there is a time to come alive. Knowing the difference is wisdom.

Our time to come alive may be different to others around us. It may be in tune with the seasons, or the weather, or it may not. It may be a slow and steady awakening or a surprising blast into action. I cannot know the details, but I can know that we are seasonal beings. We ebb and flow. We rest and rise. Letting yourself have seasons - which could be days, weeks or months long - may be the kindest and most empowered thing you can do for yourself. This is certainly what I am learning. What is seasonal is natural, and what is natural is wild, and what is wild is free.

Be well, wild thing.



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