This is a recording of the event which took place on Sunday 28th Feb.


Take 2 hours for some Sunday self care as we ready our minds and bodies for Spring. This winter has been really tough for everyone; as the new season approaches let's begin to unfurl and stretch out together....slowly....gently.


This event is hosted by 3 lovely wellbeing professionals who will be offering you:

  • Yin yoga to ease your body out of hibernation
  • Self massage to soothe and gently wake up your senses
  • Mindful mediation to take care of your mental health
  • Journaling prompts to facilitate reflection and growth


You will need:

  • a warm, comfortable, quiet place to sit
  • a journal and pen
  • a decent internet connection and device such as a laptop/tablet/smart phone (a bigger screen will be easier for you)
  • your favourite balm, body butter, oil or lotion
  • a yoga mat if you have one (you could use a towel instead)
  • comfy clothing

It's lovely to have the social connection element of this event - something we're all not getting enough of right now - but please know you can turn your video off at any time if you want to.

Whilst we are using Zoom this isn't a 2 hour work meeting so you aren't required to be looking at the screen the whole time nor do you need to look 'presentable'.


Some more information on what we'll be doing:


Sarah will help us tend to our wintering bodies with some embodied yin yoga. This will be a restorative and gentle practice.

Please let Sarah know before the weekend begins if you have any medical conditions or injuries you need to disclose.


Self Massage:

Tap into your body's felt sense with Polly. She will guide a gently stimulating self massage using tapotement techniques to help increase circulation and invite energy and presence to help us emerge into Spring. We recommend skin on skin touch using your favourite balm, oil, body butter or lotion. Set up your space, making sure it's warm and place a towel on the floor or Yoga mat to prevent slips before movement guided by Sarah. Of course if touch doesn't feel comfortable, this practice can be done clothed.



Natalie will guide us in some mindful meditation; helping us to stay present, soothe our nervous systems and connect with the feeling of life within us. No experience is required, this meditation is suitable for all.


At Home Retreat: Emerge