I created this workbook for you because it's one of my most used tools in the counselling room but isn't just for those in therapy - it's knowledge and skills we should all have. One of those things we should be taught in school, but at least you can learn it now.


A Guide To Not Losing Your Shit is all about regulating our nrevous systems, and therefore our emotions, and uses the 'Window of Tolerance' model by Dr Dan Sielgel to help us do that.


You'll learn about states of emotional regualtion and tools for getting back on top of shit when things go haywire.  There's space for recording your own self knowledge and what works for you when you are freaking out/zoning out.


If you'd like to be talked through the workbook then select the Guide to Not Losing Your Shit resource pack which includes this guide and a short video.

Guide To Not Losing Your Shit (Window of Tolerance)

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