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This audio guide is a mindfulness in nature practice, showing you how to connect to your environment using your senses.

Both mindfulness and nature connection are fantastic for our wellbeing - this guide shows you how to combine the two using simple but effective activities.


You can use this guide in any natural environment e.g your garden, the park, the woods or the beach.


The recording is just over 9 minutes long, and invites you to pause at various points to do the activites. If you take around 5 minutes for each activity the whole thing will take you about 30 minutes - ideal for a morning walk, mindful lunch break or evening wind down.

You could extend the time to take as long as you like; you simply press pause when you hear the bell and play when you're ready for the next activity. All this is also explained in the recording.


No previous experience needed. Suitable for all. This is ideal to do as a family, with friends or on your own.


All you need once you've downloaded the audio (it will be emailed to you immediately when you complete your purchase) is a smartphone or other device to play it on and some headphones.


Mindfulness in Nature audio guide

  • mp3

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