Emotional intelligence is not the triumph of heart over head;
it is the unique intersection of both.

Mental health workshops for workplaces, community groups or colleges/universities.

Support and empower yourself and your group with one of my engaging, informative and useful wellbeing workshops.

No death by powerpoint - I follow the head, heart, hands model which makes content informative, relevant and applicable. There is always time for group sharing and questions.

My 'off the shelf' wellbeing workshops are listed below, you can also contact me if you'd like to discuss a bespoke option to meet a specific need or client group.

Workshops can be held in person (always preferable) or online via Zoom. 

Please get in touch to discuss fees and availability:


Wellbeing workshops menu

Stress & Resilience

Learn about the stress response and how to manage it. Techniques and practical information for building resilience. Lots of education and experiential exercises to make the learning personal to each participant. Worksheets will be supplied which can be used as a resource for continued practice.

2 hours or half day (4 hrs) options

Stressed Woman

Mindfulness for Modern Life

This highly rated talk expands on the 'Introduction to...' talk with more visuals and experiential exercises, focusing on the day to day application of mindfulness.

90 mins

mindfulnes for moden life

Street Wisdom

Street Wisdom is an immersive walking workshop that teaches you how to use the city streets to solve problems, inspire creativity and boost wellbeing. It's the ideal activity to re-energise your team and reconnect to your community.

More on the Street Wisdom Website


90 min 'lunch & learn', or 3 hour full experience

Street Wisdom

Managing Change

Going back to the office?

Anxious about post lockdown life?

Facing a new challenge?


Many people struggle with change, but you can learn evidence based tools and mindsets for finding calm and confidence in new and challenging situations. This workshop is about change in general but can be adapted to suit a specific change - please contact me to discuss your situation.

1 hour


Introduction to Mindfulness

Ideal for beginners either as a one off workshop or as a precursor to regular morning/lunchtime sessions or my 6 week course.

​I'll explain what Mindfulness is (and isn't), why and how we practice it in busy modern life, as well as giving meditation a go. 

30 min or 1 hour options


Ways to Wellbeing

General information and practical tips for improving wellness. Covers holistic health, self care, the 5 ways to wellbeing and more.

Can be personalised to your group eg wellbeing in the workplace or during COVID19.

This is a great way to start conversations/reflections about mental health in an approachable and useful way.

1 hour


Advice On Anxiety

Defining what anxiety is and learning how it affects the mind and body. We'll bust some popular myths and even learn how anxiety can be helpful.

I'll share my tried and tested guidance and practices for managing and reducing anxiety from a holistic approach.

1 hour

Rock Maze

Mindful Lunch Breaks

These short sessions take place on Zoom and are designed to help your team find calm, focus and presence in the middle of the working day. Regular mindfulness practice is a wonderful way to maintain good mental health and is easy to do in the workplace - all you need is an internet connection and a quiet place to sit.

Ideally these would take place after my Introduction to Mindfulness workshop, unless those attending are already familiar with the practice.

Get in touch to organise a trial or to book a block of sessions for your team.

30 mins


Nature Connection Workshops

If you'd like to offer your team something fresh and away from the screen, how about a session outdoors?

This is a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing that could take place in a local nature reserve, woodland or park and would be a wonderful way to reduce stress, boost morale and inspire a sense of connection.

Choose from the following two options:

Forest Bathing

Take a mindful walk in nature to recharge your energy and reconnect to yourself and the natural world. This is  a guided nature immersion experience taking 2 hours and includes a tea ceremony to end the session.

Read more about my nature connection work here.

And read about the benefits of a 2 hour 'nature dose' here.

Available for groups of up to 12 people.

Screen to Green walkshop (1 hr)


This is an online, remotely guided walking workshop that participants can take part in from any location. They will need a smartphone, headphones, internet connection and access to an outside space.

Focusing on the theme of work/life balance this

workshop includes:

  • a brief introduction to nature connection and it's benefits

  • a guided mindful walk involving a selection of activities designed to help participants relax, be present and connect to their environment (from screen to green).

  • tips and suggestions on how they can use these experiences to help manage stress and wind down in day to day life.

How it works: participants will choose a green space to be in at the agreed time (their local park is fine, or even a garden) and log onto zoom using their phones (the app helps but it can also be accessed via web browser). Most of the workshop will be listening to some information or an instruction then putting their phones in their pockets and connecting to their environment. The audio alone will be enough to connect so there is little screen time required.

Available online for groups of up to 40.


We thought it was fabulous! Right length, clear and relevant content for modern life and excellent practical exercises and signposting to resources. Natalie has such an easy relaxed manner and voice!


The delivery of the session was fantastic. Natalie's approach created an open atmosphere in the room that encouraged people to open up about what stresses them, how they behave when they're stressed and techniques that they could use to be more resilient.

University of Salford Staff / STRESS & RESILIENCE


Let's talk

If you'd like to know more or have a wellbeing issue not covered by the above and want to know if I can help, please get in touch.


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Workshop fees are dependant on session length and location. Please enquire for specifics.

I also provide 4 free/low cost workshops per year (1 per season) for charities or low budget community groups. If you'd like to set something up for 2020 get in touch!