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Forest Path

Solvitur Ambulando (latin):
it is solved by walking

Therapy + Nature

Nature therapy sessions combine talking therapy techniques with forest bathing practice; offering the client  an alternative, holistic experience to the counselling room. They take place in parks and green spaces around Salford and Manchester.

Nature Therapy uses the power of nature to help us heal our wounds, connect with our authentic selves and build our resilience. In these sessions nature is the therapist and I am the guide; the 3 of us work together.


This can be used as a way to practice mindfulness, to reduce stress and for clients who feel that the traditional counselling room setting is too uncomfortable for them. Perhaps you already know, or have a sense that being in nature is good for you and you'd like to experience more of the benefits. It can also be a nice way to transition from regular weekly sessions to infrequent sessions as we move towards ending our work together - literally taking what you've learned out into the world with me by your side.

Nature therapy is also a great option for those wanting a one off or infrequent sessions as a mental health check in or to talk through a specific issue that you don't feel requires weekly counselling.

For new clients we will need to have a video call consultation first, this is free and takes about 20 minutes.

There's lots of evidence to suggest that walking in nature helps us think and feel better so for me it's the ideal way to boost your mental health.

Working outside isn't suitable for everyone though; do get in touch if you'd like to see if it's right for you. You can read more about my counselling work here and about nature as therapy here.


Photo by Ali Groves

"We're all just walking each other home" - Ram Dass



What if we are overheard?

Though we will aim to walk in quiet places, as we will be out in public we may be heard by passers by. If others come within earshot we can simply wait until they pass by so please be mindful of your surroundings. Remember that we – and others – will be walking so will only be in close proximity for a few seconds.


What happens if we meet people we know?

It is unlikely but possible that either of us will see someone familiar during our session. We will discuss before our first session how you would like to manage this, usually a simply wave/nod to the other person does the trick. 


What happens if I get upset?

It’s absolutely fine if you feel tearful during a nature therapy session. It’s a good idea to have some tissues in your pocket – I usually carry them too. It’s very unlikely anyone will notice this and we can always find a quiet spot to sit together until you’re ready to keep walking.


Will there be toilet facilities?

This will depend on location but in most parks there aren’t toilets available so I would go before you come out for your session.


Do I need to bring/wear anything in particular?

You may want to bring water/a drink with you and some tissues. Wear whatever will be comfortable and appropriate for the weather – layers are usually a good idea and sun cream if it's a sunny day.



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