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This is a  recording of a live workshop that took place on 08/11/23. The download includes a video and pdf of the slides.


Workshop description:


"Wisdom comes with winters" - Oscar Wilde


Confession: I used to hate winter. I will always and forever be a summer person!

AND. I have learned to not only tolerate and survive winter but to embrace and enjoy it. Now I'd like to share my story and the techniques and lessons that have helped me do that.

This workshop is inspired by my work as a Therapist and Mindfulness teacher, as well as my own nature connection journey.

Workshop includes:

  • My journey from winter hater to appreciator
  • Journaling/reflection prompts
  • Practical tips and techniques to help you embrace winter
  • What we can learn from countries who do winter well
  • Understanding the purpose of winter through nature connection

Wintering Well workshop

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